ScissorLoc™ LP



ScissorLoc™ LP

ScissorLoc™ LP - With its low over all height, the ScissorLoc™ LP makes an ideal replacement for old, worn-out clip and iron bound floors.


  • Closed cell foam underlayment creates an excellent uniform resilient surface and provides an extra vapor barrier
  • Solid 1/2″x6″ pine subfloor configuration allows natural airflow beneath the floor and creates a uniform resilient surface
  • Air Flow System (U.S. Patent #5,526,621) available
  • Low Profile making it an excellent replacement for worn-out clip and channel or synthetic systems
  • If subjected to moisture/water, designed to be dried and will not delaminate


  • Solid Wood Subfloor Components The lack of plywood in the system eliminates the problem of delaminating if the system gets wet. By using solid 1/2″ x 6″pine kiln dried subflooring components, the system has the ability to be dried out when and if moisture or water problems occur. It also improves nail holding power.
  • History ScissorLoc™ is not new. It has been around since the early 30s; it is a tried and proven system.
  • Playability The most frequently heard complain from schools that field competitive basketball programs is the occurrence and frequency of “dead spots.” The ScissorLoc™ solid subfloor guarantees the system to be virtually void of dead spots. A basketball reacts the same in every area of the floor. The subfloor is also more slab forgiving than any system on the market.
  • Resiliency The ScissorLoc™ system provides excellent resiliency. The incidence of stress relation injury is much reduced by this subfloor, designed with safety of the athlete in mind

Representative Installations

  • Whitehall High School, PA
  • YMCA Naples, FL
  • John Carrol High School, MD
  • Dinwiddie High School, MD