ScissorLoc™ DC



ScissorLoc™ DC

ScissorLoc™ DC - U.S. Patent #5,299,401 The ScissorLoc™ DC floor system is one of the most popular floating floor systems available. Performance engineering and top quality materials make ScissorLoc™ DC one of the best floor systems available.


  • Field tested and DIN certified by an independent testing organization – meets and exceeds DIN standards
  • EN 14904 Certified
  • Closed cell foam underlayment creates an excellent uniform resilient surface and provides an extra vapor barrier
  • Solid 1/2″x6″ pine subfloor configuration allows natural airflow beneath the floor and creates a uniform resilient surface
  • Air Flow System (U.S. Patent #5,526,621) available
  • Same thickness as padded sleeper systems making it an excellent replacement for worn-out sleeper or synthetic systems
  • If subjected to moisture/water, designed to be dried and will not delaminate